Make Your Own Large Boho Jute Rug

by Crafty Lumberjacks

What are your thoughts on crafting something out of your normal comfort zone? We like the idea of it, but we rarely do it! Boho is definitely not the style we usually gravitate towards, but we wanted to try something different to help change our space up.

How to Make Your Own Large Boho Jute Rope Rug + How to Stencil on a Rug #homedecor #juterope #rugdiy #stencil #boho #easydiy #bohostyle

We created a vibrant DIY jute rope rug for HGTV Handmade and purposefully choose a color combo we normally wouldn’t use…and we LOVE it!

Before diving into any new craft project, we always start with a bit of trial and error…what we like to call “workshopping”! We were going to go with the traditional circle rug but it just didn’t feel right for our space.

How to Make Your Own Large Boho Jute Rope Rug + How to Stencil on a Rug #homedecor #juterope #rugdiy #stencil #boho #easydiy #bohostyle

Things we liked about this project:

  • It has a big impact, looks awesome and it pushed us out of our comfort zone.

  • It’s a pretty simple process and is surprisingly really durable! We’ve had our rug for six months and it’s still holding up well!

Things we didn’t like about project:

  • Truth be told – although an easy process, it is an extremely time consuming project.

  • It’s difficult seeing it get dirty overtime…but it’s a rug. Maybe we should have hung it on the wall?

All in all, adding an item to our space that didn’t match perfectly ended up worked really well!…guess that’s what boho is all about!

What You’ll Need:

How to Make Your Own Large Boho Jute Rope Rug + How to Stencil on a Rug #homedecor #juterope #rugdiy #stencil #boho #easydiy #bohostyle

How To:

  • Prepare your mat – Use a large piece of tape and tape the inexpensive door mats together to create a larger base mat to glue the rope onto.

  • Prep your rope – Use your base mat to help measure out the lengths of rope pieces. Stretch out the rope across the width of the mat, leaving two inches overhanging on each side. Repeat until you’ve cut enough rope to cover the base mat. Tip: Use sharp heavy scissors to help prevent fraying. 

  • Glue down the rope – Use the caulking gun and add an even line of adhesive along the bottom of the mat and begin gluing down the rope. Repeat until the mat is fully covered. Let dry overnight. Tip: Help speed up the process by laying multiple pieces of rope down at a time. Use heavy books to lay on top to help keep the rope in place until glue dries.

  • Wrap edges – Use the edge of the base mat as a guide and wrap each strand of rope twice with black twine leaving two inches of rope to fringe. Weave your way from bottom to the top and tie off at the end. Repeat on the other side. 

  • Create the fringe – Unwind and fray each strand of rope until you get the desired effect you want. Tip: This is time consuming, do this step while watching your favorite show and have friends help! 

  • Apply stencil – Tape down a large stencil and use a stencil brush to apply bright colored acrylic paint in a dabbing motion. Tip: Very intricate stencil detail will not show up because of the texture of the rope. 

(Check out our stenciling tips and tricks here!)

How to Make Your Own Large Boho Jute Rope Rug + How to Stencil on a Rug #homedecor #juterope #rugdiy #stencil #boho #easydiy #bohostyle

Any questions?

Our video tutorial from HGTV Handmade might help!


Sunnie October 2, 2019 - 1:59 pm

How big did your rug end up being? And about how much rope did you use or how many strands per foot? I want a 9ft x 12ft rug for my living room and trying to figure out how much rope I need.

Crafty Lumberjacks October 5, 2019 - 4:30 pm

Hi there!! Oooo that would be stunning! Our rug came our to about 2’x4′ feet and we used about 200′ of rope. Hope this helps a bit!


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