Larger Than Life DIY Upcycled Cardboard Scissors – Free Template!

by Crafty Lumberjacks

Take cardboard shipping boxes, a few craft supplies and make giant “working” prop scissors! This craft is the perfect addition to any craft room or classroom and can be used in school photos or teacher bulletin board displays! In this class we’ll show you tips on how to cut cardboard and also teach how to apply gold/silver leaf.

Use the provided template to help create your own pair of scissors! 

Join our free class Tuesday April 16th at 2pm where we take you step by step on how to make this!


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How To:

Print and cut out the template:

Print our the template. Tape the pieces of paper together and cut the pair of scissors along the outline.

Trace the template and cut out out the cardboard:

Place the two template pieces onto the cardboard and trace around it. Tip: Use painters tape to help hold the template down on the cardboard while tracing.

Place the cardboard ontop of the cutting mat and cut around the scissors with the craft knife. If you’d rather not use a craft knife use a pair of the SoftGrip Amplify Mixed Media Sheers.

Cover the scissors before painting:

This is an added step that isn’t absolutely necessary, but it helps with cardboard not warping as much when painting. There are a couple of different ways to do this step…choose your own adventure.

Decoupage Method:

Rip up pieces of newsprint paper or tissue paper into thin strips. Place your cardboard scissors onto the silicone mat while you work, this way you can wash off the mess from your surface easily. Dip the strips into Mod Podge and start to layer them around the handles. Tips: Use your fingers to smooth out strips while wet, especially the edges.

Tape Method:

Rip up pieces of masking tape into different sized pieces and start to cover the handles.

Paint the handles:

Pick out a color that you want to paint your handles, this choice will really determine the style of your scissors. We chose a lilac color to match our favorite Fiskars Lilac Scissors! You may need two coats depending on your paint, but once done add details by painting areas of the outline with a slightly darker shade of paint. This little detail really adds dimension!

Add silver leaf to the sheers:

This step can seem tricky, but it’s actually quite easy and gives a great pop texture and takes this craft to the next level.

Follow the directions on your gold/silver leaf adhesive, but here’s the gist. Add a very light layer of adhesive to the blades of the scissors. It can be hard to see see the adhesive while applying, but don’t worry it’s being applied! Let it sit for about 30 minutes or until it’s tacky. Tip: Use a hair dryer on cool to help speed up the process.

Carefully pull apart your silver leaf and begin to layer it on top of your blades. While layering make sure to slightly over lap your pieces and don’t forget the edges. Once you are fully covered take a dry clean brush and begin to wipe away any of extra pieces of silver leaf. This part is messy so be prepaired for flying little pieces of silver leaf!

Put the scissors together:

Line the scissors up and puncture a hole about an inch above the bottom of the handles with the craft knife. Place a large screw inside the hole and add a washer to the back. This way you can easily open and close them!

Here’s the free template!

Check out our full video tutorial here!

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