Adorable Felt Easter Egg Bunnies

by Crafty Lumberjacks

Welcome in Spring and National Craft Month with a colorful and simple craft for the whole family. Learn how to turn Easter eggs into a colorful family of bunnies with a cute felt base! These would be adorable on a tablescape or even as place card holders.


How To:

Cut paper roll to size:

Use a cardboard craft roll or a toilet paper roll and cut it down to size using a craft knife. Hold the paper doll on top of a cutting mat and carefully cut across the roll. Tip: It might be helpful to draw a straight line across before cutting.

Cut out felt outfits:

This is the fun part! Get creative with their clothing! For an easy outfit, cut out a piece of felt to the size of your roll and wrap it around as your base color. Then start to embellish! It’s as easy as cutting out strips of felt for stripes or circles for polkadots.

Crate arms:

Cut down pipe cleaners and fold them in half for the hands. Cut down pieces of felt and roll them into little sleves around the pipe cleaners. Attach them to the rolls with hot glue. If this step seems a bit tricky, don’t worry about it, just use pipecleaners for the arms or don’t have arms at all!

Add ears to eggs:

Cut a pipe cleaner in half and bend it in half for one ear…(of course if you want a smaller ear cut the pipe cleaner smaller). On the top of bottom of your egg, puncture two holes to fit your pipe cleaner ears into. Place your plastic egg on your cutting mat and carefully poke the craft knife through, repeat on the other side. Press your pipe cleaner ends into the hole, they should stay there without any glue, but feel free to add hot glue to keep them in place.

Embellish faces:

Add cute little bunny faces to your eggs with paint pens, makers and googley eyes. Feel free to make this part your own! Tip: Placement of the eyes make the biggest difference when creating a face, try your hardest to make sure the eyes are spaced out equally.

Place your egg heads on top of the rolls and let the cuteness begin!

If you love this bunny project, check out this Bunny Box!

Hoppy Easter!!


Michelle Leslie April 1, 2024 - 3:38 pm

Sooooooooo adorable. I’m saving this one for next Easter. Love it!!!

Crafty Lumberjacks April 2, 2024 - 6:43 pm

Woohoo! Thank you!


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