White House Christmas Decor and DIY’s

by Crafty Lumberjacks

We had the incredible opportunity, along with 300 volunteers, to help decorate The White House for the holidays! It was three full days of nonstop, crafting, building, decorating and making memories. Every year The White House has a decorating theme. This year the theme was “Magic, Wonder and Joy” and it was truly magical! Each room had had elements to help bring out your inner child.

We were lucky enough to be paired with 10 other creators chosen from Pinterest to help document the process and create DIY’s from The White House to our home!

Advent Calendar Garland DIY:

The two of us worked on the East Room that was filled with advent calendars of all sizes. Our team leader was Emily Barton and incredible installation artist who came up and designed everything in the room. On of our jobs was to help assemble and attach all of the windows/doors to the advent calendars around the room. After attaching over a hundred windows and doors we feel like we never want to work on an advent calendar again. However we were inspired by the ease of the advent calendar garlands and trees to make a quick DIY when we got home!

Shop all materials to recreate the advent calendar garland!


How To:

Cut out numbers using a cutting machine. Paint the numbers gold. Cut out ribbon of all different sizes and glue the numbers onto the ribbon. Glue on floral wire to the tops of each ribbon and attach them to the garland. Add a note on the back of each number to help celebrate all season long.

Shop all materials to recreate the advent calendar garland!

Easy Snow Fallen Flocking Technique:

When you walk into the Grand Foyer of The White House you are surrounded by over 30 trees all coved in snow and lights. You may be surprised how easily accessible this look is to achieve. The best part is you probably have a lot of the materials you need at home! What we love about this project is how versatile it is, you can recreate it on a large tree or on a smaller scale on a centerpiece like we did.


How To:

Mix together equal parts school glue and shaving cream. No need to measure anything out! Add in faux snow for texture and continue to mix. Use a hefty paint brush and apply the snow on to your branches. Add more faux snow on top of the mixtures once applied.

DIY Holiday Book Paper Star Bouquets:

Something we loved about this years White House decor was how much paper was used! You’d think the crafts from the white house would be extremely unachievable, but many were so super easy! Like these paper stars. These are what we like to call a filler craft, it’s a great way to fill up space and add more texture.

Shop all materials to make the book paper stars!


How To:

We used an old damaged copy of A Christmas Carol. But any book paper would do. If you really want to use a book, but don’t want to use the pages, photocopy the pages first. Spray the kraft board and book pages with adhesive spray, let it get tacky and press the book paper down well. Punch out stars using the star punch. Cut pieces of floral wire, use your finger to create a flat loop on the end of the wire. Add hot glue to the back of the star and press the floral wire on top. Group stars in 3’s and 5’s and twist the bottom of the wires together to create bouquets. Place the ends of the wires into your garlands, wreaths or holiday decor!

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