DIY Upcycled Giant Pencil Teacher Gift

by Crafty Lumberjacks

Show your teachers some appreciation by making them a giant pencil prop! This craft is the perfect addition to the classroom and can be used in any school photos or teacher bulletin board displays. Bonus: you can even use the pencil for additional storage!

Let’s get to the point! This craft might seem mighty, but it’s actually pretty simple! Cut out some rectangles, make a couple of cones and paint!

If a giant shipping tube seems too big make it a bit smaller with a paper towel roll.


How To:

Paint the shipping tube white:

If your shipping tube is brown like ours, paint it a base coat of white paint. Even if the paint your using says it has a primer in it, it’s best to give it a quick coat of white paint. Doing this will help the yellow pop more and you wont need as many coats of paint in the long run.

Paint the shipping tube yellow:

Once your base coat is dry add a coat of yellow paint. When painting with acrylic paint it’s best to give it a couple of light coats instead of one heavy coat. This way the outcome is much smoother with less brush strokes.

Make the eraser:

Use a rotary cutter and a ruler to cut out a rectangle for the sides of the eraser. Stand the shipping tube on top of the felt and trace the circle around it. Carefully cut it out. Glue on the top of the eraser first. Tip: Use a paintbrush to help apply the craft glue to the top and the sides of the tube. Wrap the felt rectangle tightly and trim if necessary.

Repeat a similar process with the silver cardstock for the metal part of the eraser. Cut to a rectangle with a the paper trimmer, glue and wrap! Add a small detail by cutting out two thin black strips of glitter cardstock and glue them to the silver paper.

Make the Point:

Alright who doesn’t love making a cone. I don’t!! I find them really annoying to make. Here’s my number one tip: Make a template first! Sizing is always the issue, making a template will insure that you’ve made the right sized cone before using you’re good paper. Grab a couple of plates in different sizes, trace and cut them. Then cut the circle in half. Roll the cut circle together into a cone shape. Hold it in front of the pencil to see if it’s a fit! Continue until you find a size that works. It usually takes a few tries for me!

Once you find the perfect size, trace it onto your good paper, cut it out and glue it together. Repeat this process with black paper for the graphite!

Carefully glue the two cones on top of each other and then glue them onto the id of the shipping tube. We used hot glue for this and honestly it just takes a little patience.

And you’re done! You could easily embellish your pencil anyway you want! Add a vinyl with your teachers name on it or even a fun saying!

We love how fun and whimsical this project is. We also love how easy it is to customize! Go as big or small as you want with it! However you make it, just have some fun!

Check out the full tutorial here!


Christine April 5, 2023 - 7:30 pm

Love it !

Christine April 5, 2023 - 7:31 pm

I love it and I will make it ❤😁


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