DIY No-Sew Rainbow Braided Yarn Coasters

by Crafty Lumberjacks

This cute summer DIY is so easy to make! Learn to create a set of colorful braided coasters with yarn and cork board. This tutorial is great for crafters of all levels and skills! Add a handmade gift tag for the perfect handmade gift set.

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How To:

Cut out your base:

Find something round like a coaster or a jar lid that is big enough for a coaster. Lay your cork board flat and trace it on top. Cut it out. Cork is a great base for coasters because it doesn’t slide, but if you don’t have any or can’t find any, felt will work just as well!

Cut your yarn and tape:

For each coaster you will need about three pieces of yarn about three arms lengths of yarn. It’s best to have extra yarn than too little. Braiding long pieces of yarn can be tricky so our tip is to tie the ends of the three pieces together and then tape it to the wall. keep the pieces slightly taught and begin to braid.

How to braid:

Separate the three pieces of yarn.

Hold the right piece of yarn in your right hand and the left piece in your left hand. Leave the middle section to hang loose in the center.

Grab the right piece and pull it over the middle section. The right and the middle piece will now have switched places.

Repeat this with the left and middle pieces, grabbing the left piece and crossing it over the middle. Repeat this until you almost reach the end of the yarn. Tie the three pieces of yarn together leaving a bit of a tail of yarn

Glue the yarn to the base in a spiral:

Start in the middle of the circle and add a dab of hot glue. place the top knot of the braid on top of the glue and press down. Work in sections and add glue around the center of the cork and begin to spiral the braided yarn around. Work slowly as you go, don’t use too much glue and press down the yarn well. Tip: Don’t burn your fingers, use the handles of the scissors to press down the yarn. Continue to glue and spiral until you’ve reached the edge of the cork. If you have extra braided yarn, cut and tie it off.

Make a tag:

If you are gifting these why not add a handmade tag to rally take it over the top. We love the Tag Maker, because you can use it with so many different thicknesses of paper. If you’re using a plain piece of cardstock like we did, draw a simple image or a splash of color before cutting out your tag, this way the drawing goes all the way to the edges. Then once it’s cut write your message this way it is fully centered.

Check out the full tutorial below!

Happy Crafting!

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