DIY Spray Painted Crafty Door Mat

by Crafty Lumberjacks

Whether you have an actual craft room or your whole house is one, why not turn a plain doormat into a colorful crafty welcome! Use a cutting machine and freezer paper to create a stencil with clean crisp edges and add pops of color with Krylon Fusion All-In-One spray paint to create a crafty door mat that will last year after year!


1 Design and cut your image – Design your crafty image using the software for your cutting machine and size it to fit your mat. Place the freezer paper shiny side down onto your cutting mat and let the machine do all the intricate cutting! Tip: If you don’t have a cutting machine, print or draw an image directly on to the freezer paper (shiny side down) and hand cut with scissors or a craft blade. 

2 Iron on the freezer paper – Preheat your iron to max heat. Center your cut freezer paper onto the doormat shiny side down. If you have extra pieces like centers of O’s leave those out until the paper is tacked down. Apply the iron to the freezer paper in an up and down stamping motion (this will help the paper not shift while ironing). Add in any extra pieces and iron them down. Tip: If you’re ironing inside like we did, slide a piece of cardboard under the mat to transfer it outside to spray paint, this will help ensure the freezer paper doesn’t unstick while moving. 

3 Prep before spray painting –  Carefully place the mat on a piece of cardboard. Use painters tape to cover any areas on the mat that are not covered in the freezer paper. If spray painting with multiple Fusion All-In-One colors, have smaller pieces of cardboard ready to place on top of areas you don’t want sprayed.

4 Spray paint the mat –  Shake the can of Fusion All-In-One for at least one to two minutes before spraying.  Keep the spray paint at least a foot away from the mat and begin spraying in a sweeping motion until the letters on the mat are coated. Let the spray paint dry before moving the cardboard and spray painting your next color. Repeat this process until all of the mat is painted. 

5 Peel and reveal –  Allow the mat to fully dry for at least 25 minutes. Carefully peel away the freezer paper to reveal your stunning mat! Place the mat at your door way or even hang it up for some fun textured wall art! 

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