Cute DIY Felt Scissor Holder

by Crafty Lumberjacks

Make a felt holder for your favorite pairs of scissors. If you often craft on the go or throw your scissors in a bag or purse, make a carrier to keep them safe and easy to grab! This would make the perfect gift for the avid crafter you love in your life or for yourself! Learn how to get even and clean cuts when cutting felt and an easy sewing technique, how to blanket stitch.

Tip: If you’re not a sewer you could do this same project with fabric fusion heat bond tape or even a glue gun!

Materials Fiskars Scissors

How To:

Cut out three felt triangles:

On a piece of cardstock, create a template of an isosceles triangle. You want the triangle to be big enough for your pair of scissors, so place the scissors on the template while mapping it out. Cut out the template and place it on your first piece of felt and cut it with the rotary cutter and an acrylic ruler. Repeat again with two different colored pieces of felt. In total you should have three equal sized triangles.

Cut down two of the triangles on diagonals with the rotary cutter. One pocket should be bigger than the other, if you have a small pair of scissors, place them on the piece of felt before cutting, so you can cut the size you want.

Cut a felt embellishment:

Make your scissor holder adorable with an added embellishment. Add whatever detail you want but we thought a pair of scissors would be very fitting! Before sewing it together, using the smallest triangle of felt as a guide for size. Cut out your embellishments with the precision scissors for small details. Those tiny scissors will help cut all those small pieces easily.

Stitch together:

Place the three pieces of felt on top of each other, the largest piece of the bottom to the smallest piece. Start a blanket stitch using a double threaded knotted long piece of embroidery thread. Start from the top corner inside the two pieces of felt to hide the knot.

Continue around the pieces of felt, making sure to keep the felt lined up with one another. Tip: Hold the three pieces of felt together with a pin if necessary. Continue around the felt until everything is sewn together. Cut off the embroidery thread tail.

Glue on felt embellishment:

Glue the pieces to the scissor holder with felt or fabric glue. You could absolutely stitch it to the holder, but we would recommend sewing it to the smallest triangle, before sewing everything together.

We love this project, because you could really make it for almost any of your craft tools! Who doesn’t love to craft on the go?!

Check out the full tutorial here!

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Sapna Motwani May 11, 2023 - 6:00 pm

This is in response to your question on today’s Michaels class:
Q: What was the product for which orange Fiskars scissors were accidentally manufactured?
A: Fiskars Juicers


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