DIY Hand Cut St. Patrick’s Day Felt Banner

by Crafty Lumberjacks

It’s that time of year to feel lucky! Whether or not if you usually decorate for St Patrick’s Day we always find it a great time of year to add a little rainbow and green into our decor. Why not? It’s been a long winter and who couldn’t use a little hope and color? A banner is an easy way to bring in some color without having to change out your whole space.

In this post we are going to show you step-by-step on how easy it is to create a festive banner by hand. What’s great abut this tutorial is you can add your own spin to it and create one for whatever occasion you want!

As crafters we love to work with all different mediums. Like most of us, we’ve been pretty obsessed with cutting machines these past few years. However, there’s something about an “old school” craft that really takes us on a journey. We’re asked all the time, what our favorite craft tool is and at the top of our list is always a pair of scissors. Nothing beats the versatility!

5 reasons we love working with felt:

  1. Felt is easy to cut and the edges don’t fray. That means can get a clean look with just a few snips!
  2. You can make no sew projects, glue works great! We tend to never get around to crafts we have to sew…just us?
  3. Felt adds great texture to projects. The fibers in felt really add a great detail to any project.
  4. Felt comes in so many different colors. You can find felt at any craft store or online and there are tons of different shades of colors.
  5. Felt is super inexpensive! We usually buy our felt at Michaels, by the sheet and its sooo cheap. We may have an extensive felt collection that we keep adding to.

Felt Lucky Banner DIY


How To:

This tutorial is pretty self explanatory, especially if you have the banner kit, but here is how we made it!

  1. Place the banner template on top of the felt and trace it using a piece of chalk or a marker. Fiskars Banner Creation set comes with three different templates where you can pick all different sizes. 
  2. Create layers of color by repeating this process using the smaller template.We chose a cream color for the smaller banner, this will help the colors pop.  Tip: Adding layers of color and texture to a project always help amp it up and bring it to the next level. 
  3. Hand cut letters to spell L-U-C-K-Y. (Check out our tips below on how to hand cut letters easily!)
  4. Layer and glue everything together. We love to use felt glue, but craft glue will work just fine. 
  5. Punch out two holes on the corner of every banner. 
  6. String everything together. Add a wooden bead in between each banner for a natural element.
  7. Hang and enjoy!

Here’s another St.Patrick’s Day craft! No cutting machine needed! 

5 Tips on how to hand cut letters out of felt:

Honestly, our handwriting is chicken scratch. However, it’s actually pretty easy to cut big letters out of felt with these tips.

  1.  Before starting, pre-cut squares of felt to the size of each letter. Make sure all the square are the same size, this will help the letter all look cohesive.
  2. Use chalk to draw out your letters, this way if you mess up there are no marks! When you’re done, pat the chalk off the felt instead of rubbing it. Rubbing the felt will disrupt the fibers and make it pill.
  3. Print out clip art to use as a template instead of hand drawing the letters.
  4. Always use sharp pair of scissors. Our go-to brand is Fiskars. Every pair no matter what kind, works great on all different materials.
  5. When cutting your letters turn the felt square instead of turning the scissors. This will give you the best rounded edges.

Watch the full tutorial from our live class we did with Fiskars through Michaels!

Hope this tutorial brings a little luck into your day and a little hand cut inspiration!! Happy crafting!

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