Paper Snowman Box DIY – How To Use The Fiskars Paper Box Maker

by Crafty Lumberjacks

Get into the holiday spirit by making a handmade paper snow person box using the Fiskars Box Maker. No Cricut or electric cutting machine needed to create handfuls of boxes in just minutes. These snow people really take gift giving over the top! They’re so cute they’re a perfect inexpensive addition to your holiday decor.

Put your own spin on these frosty cuties by changing up the cardstock or the embellishments. Go classic Christmas with reds and greens or go loud and bold with some vibrant colors. They’ll be adorable however you embellish them!


How to:

Trim Down Cardstock- Use the paper cutter to trim three pieces of 12×12 cardstock. First piece 12 x 12” for the base.  Second piece 9×9” for the body. Third piece 6×6” for the head.

Make Three Boxes- Adjust the Gifting Board to the correct size of the first sheet of paper. Place the the paper into the gifting board and punch and score as noted. The Gifting Board has all the easy to follow instructions right on the board. It seems a little confusing at first, but it’s a very repetitive process. You’ll get the hang of it very quickly! Continue the process until you finish all three boxes.

Add Face and Arms- Glue on pom moms and a miniature carrot nose (that we found at Michaels) and add arms. We cut and manipulated pipe cleaners for this, but you could use real branches for this too!

Add Glitter Detail- Add some chunky glitter paint lightly around the boxes. This is a small detail that really takes the project over the top. Tip: For a really sparkly effect use glitter paper!

Make A Hat- Make a hat by folding a piece of felt into fourths and cut a rounded edge from corner to corner. This will create four cone shaped hats. Add hot glue to one of the straight edges and roll the opposite edge and glue in place to create a cone. Cut the faux fur trim and end of the hat embellishment and glue. Tip: Turn the faux fur upside-down before cutting. This will be a much less messy process!

Make A Bow Tie – Follow Fiskars bow guide and cut create a paper bow! This takes only a few minutes and after making the boxes, you’ll feel like a pro!

Fill and Stack the Boxes- Fill the three boxes with candies, treats or our favorite…cash!! Stack the boxes. You can use Glue Dots hold down the head and body, but we would recommend patting the Glue Dot with your fingers to make it a little less sticky. This way it wont rip when removing it.

Watch the full tutorial from our live class we did with Fiskars through Michaels!

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Joni Hards December 6, 2022 - 10:59 pm

Super fun class. The answer to your question is 1950.
Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄
Joni Hards


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