5 Things You Need to Know About the Glowforge Aura!

by Crafty Lumberjacks

You know those things in your life that you didn’t know you need until you’ve used it? For us, that is our new Glowforge Aura! This tool has truly changed the crafting game for us! Here are 5 things that make us say WOW about this incredible laser cutting machine!

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The Glowforge Aura can cut SO MANY MATERIALS!

If you’ve followed us for a while, you know that we love using a variety of materials in our crafting projects. With the Glowforge Aura, prepping and cutting materials has never been easier! Because it cuts with a powerful laser, you can cut through thicker materials that other craft cutters can’t. And the list of cuttable materials is nearly endless! Faux leather, colored acrylics, vinyl, oh my! Our crafts have never looked better!

So Easy to Use!

With every new piece of crafting equipment, there is that daunting feeling of learning new software. However, not with Glowforge! The browser-based app is so user friendly and helps you step-by-step to create your perfect cut! Plus, its Glowforge Catalogue has a huge variety of premade images and designs you can pull from to make your project perfection!


#ad Obviously, we had to make something featuring our cat with the new Glowforge Aura from @glowforge! It is so simple to set up and use that we literally went from unboxing to creating in under 30 minutes. The first ever Craft Laser opens up endless creative possibilities for crafters of all levels. You can find Glowforge Aura at your favorite local craft store @Michaels Stores or @JOANN! Have any questions about this project or the Glowforge Aura? Let us know in the comments! #GlowforgeAura #GlowforgePartner #AurangeWave #crafting #lasercutter #catdads #catdaddy #internationalcatday #joannlovesglowforge

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DIY Personalized Cat Keychain

Preview your designs on your material!

Now this just seems like pure crafting magic. Aura Vision™ is a built-in 8-megapixel camera that give you a live camera preview of your workspace. Simply place your material in the Glowforge Aura and use the camera to position your designs onto your materials with ease and precision! Never second guess your placements again!

Weed No More!

Weeding can be the bane of any crafter’s existence. With the Glowforge Aura, no more need to worry! Your material doesn’t even need a sticky mat. Place your material into the machine and once your cut is complete, pick up your design with ease!

Breathe Easy!

We were honestly a bit hesitant to use a laser machine in our small apartment. Would it be safe, especially with our cat Teddy? We are happy to report that yes, it is! The machine comes with a tinted lid so you can watch without fear of hurting your eyes. There is also a vent hose included to have all those pesky particles fly right out of any window. For an upgrade, the Glowforge Personal Filter™ which utilizes a HEPA filter attachment to filter the air so you can work wherever you want.


#ad Save this video to learn all about the new Glowforge Aura, the first ever Craft Laser from @glowforge! It is so simple to set up and use that we literally went from unboxing to creating in under 30 minutes! We can’t wait to make all the things! You can find Glowforge Aura at your favorite local craft store @Michaels Stores or @JOANN! #GlowforgeAura #GlowforgePartner #AurangeWave #crafting #lasercutter 

♬ original sound – craftylumberjacks

Trust us when we say our Glowforge Aura is one of the best upgrades our crafting game has ever received! It’s safety and ease make this machine perfect for any crafter’s tool arsenal!

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Kiki December 27, 2023 - 7:38 pm

hello I like the fonts that you use, what are the fonts for this projects and the marquee sign project? Thanks


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