Tropical Bird Confetti Poppers

by Crafty Lumberjacks

When summer hits we always have a influx of crafting nostalgia. All of those memories of summer camp, when counselors would empty a big box of random craft supplies onto a big table and basically say…go at it!!

During the summer months we love to throw it back to crafts we made as kids or pull out random stuff and see what we can make. These confetti poppers come from a mix of both!! We always have a ton of scrap paper and toilet paper rolls…so why not throw it back with a tropical twist?

Create confetti poppers to celebrate summer and to use up supplies you have! This is a great kids craft or party craft. Let’s be honest if you have kids hanging around in the summer, keeping them busy is always a task. This craft is time consuming and also is fun to use after it’s made!

Join us in a free virtual class of this craft!! 


Cut Out The Base –

Choose the base color of cardstock for your bird. This will be the biggest amount of color, so pick something you like! Cut a rectangle to size (8”x6”) so it can fully wrap around the toilet paper roll.

Cut Out Embellishments –

Cut out embellishments for the face. Keep it simple. Look at references of different types of birds to give you ideas! Keep the features on the easier side by cutting out simple shapes.

Embellishment Ideas

  • Cut out the same shapes in slightly different sizes in different colors. Layer the shapes to create a really simple but bold impact!
  • Make some embellishments 3-D. This will really take your bird over the top.
  • Pick a different theme, you don’t have to create a bird…make anything you want! These could be create for so many different holidays!

Add Ballon –

Stretch out a deflated ballon and tie a knot to the end. Cut out the opposite end of the ballon. Stretch the cut side of the ballon and place it on the end of the toilet paper toll. Tape the edge of the balloon to the outside of the toilet paper roll. Tip: Use strong tape and make sure to tape it well! 

Glue On Embellishments –

Glue and wrap the base color rectangle onto the outside of the toilet paper roll. If the glue isn’t working you could always add a line of tape the the edge of the cardstock or use a glue gun. Next, glue on the birds features and let it all dry before using.

Make Confetti –

Use scrap pieces of cardstock and the Confetti-Making Set to punch out a bunch of colorful confetti. Using scissors, c up small pieces of tissue paper or even napkins. Having different colors and wights of paper will add a wow factor when popped!

Add the confetti into the inside of the popper and pull the knot to release! Less confetti works better than too much confetti. So don’t feel like you have to load it up each time you pop!

Watch the full tutorial from our live class we did with Fiskars through Michaels!

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