How To Make A Mini Halloween Piñata

by Crafty Lumberjacks

Celebrate Halloween by learning how to make festive and nostalgic vintage style piñatas! Make one to add to your seasonal decor or give as a special handmade treat. It’s the perfect “Boo-it-yourself” project to get the whole family involved! Make a craft night out of it and get spooky!

DIY Halloween Piñata

This is not an authentic piñata tutorial, we are not of Mexican heritage. 


Cut out the shape:

Draw a simple cat face shape (or whatever creature or object you want to make) on the cake box and cut out with scissors or a craft knife. Next, cut out an identical piece of the cat face by tracing the first cut out piece so that you have 2 identical cat faces. TIP: Print out free clip art for a template if you’re not the best artist. 

DIY Halloween Piñata

Cut out strips for the sides:

Use the paper cutter to cut out 1.5 inch strips for the sides of the cat face.

Tape all pieces together:

Rip off a bunch of small pieces of masking tape and place them on the edge of the table. Gotta be prepared! Assemble the piñata by using the masking tape to attach the cat face to the side strips. Match the edges as neatly as possible and use a generous amount of tape until the piñata is fully closed. Leave a flap open at the top to add filling.

DIY Halloween Piñata

Attach rope:

At the top of the piñata, use a hole punch to punch a small hole in the front center and back center. Thread a small piece of bakers twine through each hole tie together in a loop to hang.

Cut tissue paper fringe:

Leave the tissue paper folded as it came in the package and cut into one inch wide strips. Now, add fringe by cutting small slits about halfway up one side of each folded tissue paper strip leaving a seam on one side. Unfold to reveal long strands of fringed tissue paper. Only cut what you think you’ll need to cover the entire piñata, you can always cut more if needed!

Apply fringe:

Working in sections from the bottom up, attach a piece of fringe one layer at a time. Apply glue from the glue stick on the piñata base and continue until the entire piñata is covered overlapping each piece of fringe. For hard to reach areas, like the bottom or sides.

DIY Halloween Piñata

DIY Halloween Piñata

Add cardstock details:

Use colorful cardstock to cut out details for the cat face. Layering colors and smaller features will help give the cat more dimension bringing the cat to life.  Use craft glue to glue each piece into place.

DIY Halloween Piñata

Add whiskers:

Cut thin strips of white cardstock. Use the Scoring, Smoothing & Curling Tool to curl each whisker by placing the strip onto the tool and lightly pulling while applying light pressure with your thumb. Use craft glue to glue in place under the nose of the cat so that the whiskers appear 3-D.

DIY Halloween Piñata


Fill the piñata with a variety of prizes, candy and our favorite…confetti! Use scrap pieces of cardstock and the Confetti-Making Set to punch out a bunch of colorful confetti. This will add to the fun and create a wow factor when revealed!

DIY Halloween Piñata

If you think these are too cute to destroy, make the opening on the top bigger to keep or give as a treat box!

Happy Halloween!!

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