Tips and Tricks on Applying Vinyl Cutouts

by Crafty Lumberjacks

It’s the time of year for love and if you love working with vinyl, which we do, you’ll love these new tools to help make it easier than ever. Vinyl is a great way to amp up any project, it really takes it to the next level, but it can be tricky to work with depending on what you’re applying it to. If you’re new to vinyl or have been working for it for years this blog post will help you out with tips and tricks and maybe something you didn’t know before!

If you’re new to the cutting machine world, check out everything we learned when we first got our Cricut!

What is vinyl?

If you’ve worked with cutting machines like the Cricut or Silhouette you’ve probably made a vinyl decal. If you don’t know what vinyl is it’s basically plastic sticker paper that can be cut into labels, decals and stickers, basically can be used to personalize and organize almost anything! They come in all different colors, finishes and can be removable or permanent. To apply vinyl you usually use something called transfer tape to apply it to you material.

It you’re new to vinyl, we have a great easy to follow video tutorial on how to cut, weed and apply vinyl! Check it out!

What is the Vinyl Alignment Tool?

Fiskars has two alignment tools one for curved surfaces and one for flat surfaces.

The Alignment tool horizontally and vertically aligns vinyl for straight accurate placement on curved or flat surfaces. Great for vinyl up to 5×2 inches. Its great for glass, ceramic, plastic, metal and more.

Valentine’s Day Luminary Glass Hurricane


How To:

Cut out the decal

  • Have your cutting machine cut out your vinyl decal.
  • Weed away any extra pieces of vinyl.
  • Stick transfer tape onto the vinyl design and press down firmly
  • Gently peel up transfer tape with the vinyl attached.

Load the alignment tool

  • Place the alignment tool on top of the glass hurricane.
  • Rotate the adjustment bar into a horizontal position.
  • Adjust the arms to the correct size of the decal.
  • Weave the decal in between the arms with the adhesive side down.
  • Lightly press the decal onto the arms to hold it in place.

Press and unload

  • Lower the adjustment bar near a vertical position and adjust a the placement.
  • Use the crossbar as a straight reference point.
  • Once the decal is in the desired location, press the middle of the decal to the hurricane.
  • Carefully lift the entire tool off the hurricane and fully press down the vinyl.
  • Pell off the transfer tape leaving the vinyl on the hurricane.
  • Admire your work!

5 Tips When Applying Vinyl

  1. Work in a well lit room in a comfortable temperature. It will not adhere if it’s too cold or too hot.
  2. Be sure there’s no wind or air blowing while applying.
  3. Clean the surface of the material your applying your vinyl to with a bit of rubbing alcohol or dish soap and let dry completely.
  4. Make sure your cut vinyl is properly weeded, double check your work!
  5. Do not apply to a freshly painted surface.
Watch the full tutorial from our live class we did with Fiskars through Michaels!

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