DIY 4th of July Paper Crafts for Kids with Fiskars

by Crafty Lumberjacks

It’s that time of year! Summer heat, fireworks, BBQ and other patriotic festivities. 4th of July is a great time of year to get crafty! Why not get the kids involved an plan ahead for 4th of July festivities?

Just because school is over doesn’t mean you can’t get gather a lot of craft supplies, glue, a good pair of scissors and have a craft class! Practicing scissor cutting skills helps with fine motor skills,  strengthens hand muscles and more…plus it’s just fun!

4th of July Kids Crafts

5 Tips for kids when using scissors

  1. Trace the shape or outline onto the paper before cutting. Even the simplest of shapes like a square can be tricky to cut free-hand. Draw it out first, then cut on the lines. This is a great tip for true beginners too.
  2. Slow = Steady. It’s not a race, cut in s slow and consistent motion for the cleanest edges.
  3. Turn the paper instead of the scissors. It’s easier to control the paper with one hand while keeping the scissors still and cutting with the other hand. This works really well when cutting rounded edges.
  4. Practice! Practice won’t make perfect, but it does create ease and comfortability. Working with scissors can feel stressful when things don’t go as planned. Draw out a handful of different shapes on one page and cut them and create large confetti!
  5. Don’t run with scissors. Just thought it had to be said. Haha!

DIY 4th of July Kids Crafts

Patriotic Star Wand DIY

This is a pretty simple craft, but a great one for practicing cutting skills. If cutting stars is too difficult, have kids cut out easier shapes instead.


  • Fiskars Kids Scissors
  • Decorative Glitter Cardstock Paper
  • Red, White and Blue Ribbon
  • Dowel or Paper Straw
  • Glue Gun
  • Pencil

How To Make Kid Star Wands:

  • Print out a simple star shape about three inches to use as a template.

Carbon Paper Trick: Turn the printed out star over and shade the backside with a pencil. Make sure to get all the edges of the star. Turn the paper over, place it on top of the cardstock and trace over the printed star outline. The pencil markings will draw onto the cardstock and you will have your image perfectly traced on!

  • Trace and cut out two stars.
  • Cut at least 15 pieces of the colored ribbon, the more the merrier!  Tie the ends of each ribbon.

Tip: Assist with cutting the ribbon by holding it taught. 

  • Place one of the stars with the backside facing up. Use a hot glue gun to glue the tied ends of each ribbon to the back of the star.
  • Add a glob of hot glue onto the the center of the star and place the end of the dowel or straw on top of it.
  • Add more glue and glue the second star on top.
  • Trim the ends of the ribbon for a cleaner look if needed.
  • Wave around and enjoy!

Kid Friendly Firework DIY

This is a fun intermediate craft for kids that can be lead by an adult. This craft allows for a lot of personal creativity!


  • Fiskars Kids Scissors
  • Paper Tube or Toiler Paper Roll
  • Glue Stick
  • Glue Gun
  • Decorative Red, White and Blue Cardstock Paper
  • Wooden Dowel or Paper Straw
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Pom Pom
  • Ribbon

How To Make Kid Friendly Firework Wands:

  • Create a top for the firework by placing the top of the paper tube onto a piece of cardstock and tracing around it. Cut about a half inch outside of the traced circle. Then cut slits starting from the edge to the traced circle. In the end it should look similar to a sun!
  • Glue the cut slits with a glue stick and place the cardstock over the top of the paper tube. Press the cut slits onto the tube.
  • Measure the paper tube and trace the measurements onto the backside of a piece of cardstock. Cut out the rectangle. Use the glue stick and add a good amount to the back of the cardstock.
  • Wrap the cardstock around the paper roll.
  • Cut out detail embellishments. This is the fun part, get creative with the cardstock and cut out shapes and designs. Glue them around the covered paper roll. Tip: If detail work is too tricky, add stickers instead.
  • Add a wick to the top of the paper roll by opening up the pair of scissors and poking a hole in the center of the cardstock.
  • Thread a pipe cleaner through the hole. Continue to push the pipe cleaner through the hole until it comes out the other side. Add a good amount of hot glue to the end and pull the pipe cleaner back up to keep it in place.
  • Twist the pipe cleaner around your finger and glue on a pom pom to the end!
  • Cut a handful of ribbon about a foot long and tie them together.
  • Use a hot glue to glue the ribbon to the inside of the paper tube and attach a dowel or paper straw the same way.

If you love these crafts check out our paper owls for kids we made last year!

And if you’re already starting to think ahead, check out our “Back To School” kids notebooks!


Hope you have a wonderful festive holiday with lots of friends, fireworks and of course…crafts! Remember, the great thing about crafting is there are no strict rules to follow, which is great, because “School’s out for the summer”!


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