DIY Boho Style Light Box

by Crafty Lumberjacks

Creating a light box is a great way to add your own personality with a little glow to your space. Learn how to cut and build a trendy light box using a few basic craft materials and Fiskars Products. Add an interchangeable linear colorful design to finish the whole boho vibe and switch it out for the seasons or special occasions.  Light it up and feel those chill summer vibes. 

Boho Light Box DIY


What you need: 


How To:

Step One: Cut the mat board into smaller pieces

Mat boards usually come in large sheets. If the mat board is too large to fit through the ProCision Trimmer, cut it down with the Amplify Scissors, making sure the pieces are small enough to fit. 

Step Two: Cut mat board pieces to size

The perfect tool to use to cut out the thick mat board is Fiskars ProCision Trimmer. It will cut precisely as well as self sharpen, so no need to replace any blades. (Which is always wonderful, because there’s nothing worse than starting a project realizing your tools aren’t sharp enough.)

Slide the matboard into the ProCision Trimmer lining it up to the gridded guide. Use the grid to help cut each piece to the correct size. 

Boho Light Box DIY


1 Back 9×9

2 Sides 5.5×11

2 Top & Bottoms 5.5×9

4 Fronts 1×9

Boho Light Box DIY

Step Three: Glue the sides to the back piece

Once all the pieces are cut, lay the Fiskars Cutting Mat onto the table. Use the grid as a guide to help line up each piece correctly. Place the 9×9 piece of cut mat board on top of the grid and hold one of the sides directly next to it creating a 90 degree angle. Then grab the glue gun and slowly add an even seam of glue to the meeting pieces. Press the pieces together until the glue dries. Repeat this step on the parallel side with the other side piece. 

Tip: Use a large heavy box as an extra set of hands, place it directly next to the side piece to help prop it up. 

Step Four: Glue the bottom

Place the bottom piece so it meets up with the edges of the two side pieces and the back piece. Hold the piece directly to the edge and add hot glue to the inner seams. Press the edges against each other until the glue is completely dry. 

Tip: Work in sections- if you’re working alone it might be easier to glue one seam and let it dry before gluing the next side. 

Step Four: Glue the front

Create a frame by gluing the four pieces in a square shape. Glue the two side pieces first and then add the top and bottom pieces. 

Tip: Remember, because this is handmade it will never fully be lined up perfectly, however use the mat grid on the mat to keep everything as straight and lined up as possible.  

Boho Light Box DIY

Step Five: Cut down vellum paper

Use the amplify scissors to cut the Shrinky Dinks Clear and Rough and Ready vellum paper small enough to fit in the box. 

Step Six: Draw linear shapes

With a permanent marker, draw a simple linear design on the piece of clear vellum. Tip: Draw or print out a simple image on a piece of paper,  place it under the vellum and trace it. 

Step Six: Cut and glue tissue paper

Find complimentary colored tissue paper. Choosing the right color will really set the mood of the whole box. Bright vibrant colors will keep give a big bold pop, lighter colors will give a more soothing look. Use the Total Control Scissors to cut out simple organic shapes. Press the handle slowly while cutting to get best looking cuts. 

Tip: Turn the tissue paper while cutting instead of turning the scissors. This will help get get smooth rounded edges. 

Begin to glue on the tissue paper to the Rough and Ready piece of vellum. Rub a glue stick onto the vellum paper and lay the tissue paper carefully on top. Press down and smooth out slowly to reduce any wrinkling. 

Tip: While gluing, hover the clear piece of vinyl on top to make sure the tissue paper lines up well with the drawn image.

Boho Light Box DIY

Step Seven: Glue Vellum together

Create a 3-D Look by gluing the two pieces of vellum with a gap between them. Cut out one inch pieces of matt board and glue them straight up along the edge of the Rough and Ready piece of vellum. Add hot glue to the tops of each the mat board and lay the clear sheet of vellum on top. Make sure to line up the bottoms of the vellum so it can stand up in the box. 

Boho Light Box DIY

Step Eight: Light it up

Place the vellum artwork into the box pressing it against the frame. Add the LED string lights behind the vellum, turn them on and place the lid on the top of the box. Last but not least, watch it glow!

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Boho Light Box DIYCheck out the full video tutorial!

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