DIY Baked Clay Smoker House

by Crafty Lumberjacks

Use clay to build your own incense holder. Not only will this make your room look good but keep it smelling seasonal all season long! Flannel Season! 

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  • Oven Baked Clay

  • Roller

  • Smoker House Template

  • Butter Knife or Skewer

  • Ruler 

  • Square Dowel

  • Round Dowel

  • Small Copper Pipe

  • Sandpaper

  • Oven 

How To:

1. Print and cut out the template: Download and print out the free template and carefully cut out. 

2. Roll out the clay: On a flat smooth surface, roll out the clay until you have an even layer. Tip: Roll out clay in between two square dowels to help with an even thickness.

3. Trace and cut out walls: Place the template on top of the rolled out clay and lightly score around the edges using a butter knife. Use a ruler to completely cut out each wall.(pieces of the house) Repeat until all sides, the roof and base are cut out. 

4. Add a door and windows: Add more detail to the front of the house by pressing down the square dowels to lightly make an imprint for windows. Press the copper pipe in the center of the front of the house about half an inch from the bottom to create a rounded top of the door frame. Use a ruler or knife to cut out two parallel sides to finish the door. 

5. Add the chimney: With your ruler score a line along the center of the roof. (This will help line up the roof evenly when building the house.)  Press the copper pipe into one side for the chimney. Keep the pipe in the clay, but remove any clay left in the pipe. 

6. Make an imprint on the base: Lightly press a round dowel to make an imprint in the center of the base to hold the incense log. 

7. Construct the house: Start with the front and side wall and put together the four walls and the roof leaving the base disattached. Score the connecting edges using a toothpick, needle or skewer before attaching each wall. Tip: Use a small amount of watered down clay to help smooth edges and seems. 

8. Bake: Once the house is fully built, follow the baking directions according to your clay packaging. 

9. Smooth it all out: Once the house is completely built and cool to the touch, use 220 grit sandpaper to lightly smooth down any rough edges or seems.

10. Test it out: Light an incense log and blow it out. Place it on the base and cover and watch the chimney smoke!

*Disclaimer- this project can not be used with a candle or open flame. Incense must be blown out before placing inside the house and should never be left unattended. 

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Check out the full tutorial on HGTV Handmade to see it in action!

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If you love incense as much as we do, you can make your own winter logs that small like pine and firewood.

Check out the tutorial here!

If that seems like too much work for this time of year, this is the incense we used in the smoker house and we love it! (the box is super cute too and makes great holiday gifts.)


Lisa November 15, 2021 - 3:18 am

How much clay do you need for this project?

Crafty Lumberjacks December 6, 2021 - 9:51 pm

Hi Lisa, that depends on the size of the house you make. For ours it took less than a package of clay.

Kathie December 6, 2021 - 6:04 pm

Don’t know if you’ll answer this as you haven’t answered the above question in almost a month for some reason. Can this be used with air dry clay?

Crafty Lumberjacks December 6, 2021 - 9:49 pm

Hi Kathie! So sorry we missed your first question! We have never tried this craft with air dry clay, but we don’t see a reason it wouldn’t work. Hope you’re having a wonderful season!

leslie July 5, 2022 - 5:53 pm

hello, i was going to make this one, it looks like fun, but when i went to copy the template, it said it was no longer available. is this an error? may i somehow get the template? ty for your time Leslie


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